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Custom Welding Machines

Offered wide range of Custom Welding Machines is provided with different makes and functions. These are utilized for the processes of plastic spot welding, plastic welding, and plastic riveting & stacking via ultrasonic process. The machines of multi-heads are mainly used in the automotive industry for the welding of door trims, console, fender, assembly instrument panel etc. These are suited for vibration welding, hot plate welding and others. The Custom Welding Machines are delivered with amplitude adjustments, IGBT controls, safety door system, PLC & HMI controls, linear guide for accurate action, vacuum generators, optical fence, alarm system etc. These are provided with some optional features as well such as loading cell controls, detection & depth controls etc., which ensure stabilized ultrasonic power output.
Product Image (MSZ-S3048)

Gas Valve Ultrasonic Welding Stacking Assembling Machine

Price: 20000.00 - 40000.00 USD ($)/Set

1. Power Supply: 220V, 1P; 2. Air Supply: 0.5MPa; 3. Ultrasonic Frequency: 30/35KHz; 4. Ultrasonic Power: 1200W*4Sets.

Product Image (MSZ-H Series)

Multi Heads Hot Plate Plastic Welding Machine

Price: 30000.00 - 300000.00 USD ($)/Set

1. Power Source: 380V, 3P; 2. Air Source: 0.5~0.8MPa.

Product Image (MSZ-P Series)

Automotive Fascia Punching & Welding System

Price: 1 USD ($)/Set

1. Ultrasonic system: 15~50KHz, 800~4000W
2. Power Source: 220V/380V

Product Image (MSZ-R6 Series)

Robot Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Price: 1 USD ($)/Set

1. Robot Ultrasonic System; 2. Robot trimming machine; 3. Robot carrying system; 4. 6-axles robot system.

Product Image (MSZ-P Series)

Multi-Heads Ultrasonic Welding Equipment

Price: 1 USD ($)/Set

1. Ultrasonic System: 15~40KHz, 800~5600W
2. Power Source: 220V
3. Air Source: 0.8MPa

Product Image (MSZ-AX4-S15/20-20/40)

4 Axles Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Price: 1 USD ($)/Set

1. 220V, 1P, 50/60Hz; 2. 4Axles Control; 3. Ultrasonic 15~20Hz; 4. ultrasonic Power: 2000~4000W