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Ultrasonic Welding Accessories

The Ultrasonic Welding Accessories assist in the task of ultrasonic welding, which is an industrial technique in which acoustic vibrations are applied to several workpieces. Suitable for the joining of several materials, these are applicable for many major industries such as appliances, medical, automotive, packaging and electronic. The task of these accessories is to acquire and change energy from the main power source to the correct amperage, frequency and voltage. Ultrasonic Welding Accessories are also used to convert the frequency as well as power attributes of the electrical energy that is attained from the main power line. Ultrasonic Welding Accessories are applicable for increasing as well as reducing the amplitude. These benefit you by offering transducer voltage protection and quality management of energy and time.
Product Image (MPS D Series)

ultrasonic control box

Price: 2000/Piece

1. Power Input: 220V, 1P, 50/60Hz; 2, Frequency: 15K/20K/28K/30K/35K/40K; 3. Power Output: 1000~5600W; 4. Amplitude Adjustment: 10~100%.

Product Image (MPS Series)

Ultrasonic Converter

Price: 300/Piece

1. Frequency: 15KHz, 20KHz, 30KHz, 35KHz, 40KHz; 2. Power Output:800~5600W

Product Image (MPS Series)

Ultrasonic Booster

Price: 220 USD ($)/Piece

1. Frequency: 15KHz/20KHz/30KHz/35KHz/40KHz; 2. Gain: 1.5~2.0; 3. Material: Aluminium or Titanium.

Product Image (MPS Series)

Ultrasonic Generator

Price: 2500/Piece

1. Power Input: 22V, 1P; 2. Frequency: 15KHz/20KHz/30KHz/35KHz/40KHz; 3. Power Output: 2000~5600W; 4. Dimension: 480*300*150 (mm).

Product Image (DS300S)

Ultrasonic Power Supply

Price: 2000/Piece

1. Power Input: 220V, 1P; 2. US Frequency: 15KHz/20KHz/30KHz/35KHz/40KHz; 3. Power Output: 1000~45000W.