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Serving high in performance and longer serving Welding Machinery and Tools since 2012.

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The chances of a company impressing customers increase when it has invested a large sum of money as capital because invested money on right things like advanced manufacturing facilities and excellent raw material results in production of modern products which are likely to serve for a longer time. So, durability along with quality is what modern customers need. Having invested USD 16,65,000 as capital in advanced manufacturing facilities and others, we are impressing our clients with quality and fast deliveries. We are Zhejiang Zhenbo Precision Machinery Co. Ltd., a Wenzhou based manufacturer and supplier. We are into developing Plastic Welding Machine, Ultrasonic Welding Machine, Ultrasonic Plastic Welder, Ultrasonic Metal Welder, Portable Ultrasonic Welder, Handheld Ultrasonic Welder, Ultrasonic Welding Equipment, Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine, Auto Interior Panel Flexible Welding Machine, Handheld Ultrasonic Welder, Ultrasonic Welding Mould, Ultrasonic Welding Tools and a variety of other products.
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Our Manufacturing Facilities

At  Zhejiang Zhenbo Precision Machinery Co. Ltd., we are dedicated to provide to our customers high performance products..

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 Zhejiang Zhenbo Precision Machinery Co. Ltd. aims at providing nothing less than complete satisfaction to customers because it is..

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Making plans for the future is most benefiting. Believing in the same, we have made plan of widening our horizons in both production..
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